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Outta Nowhere (ep)

by Plum Nelly Music

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Water Lines 03:48
Water Lines Chorus: It's been one cold Winter The roof is showing signs of giving in There's water lines across the ceiling And I’m thinkin' about leaving Verse 1: Luck’s a game and she don’t play fair One more round and I'll be winnin' But the decks stacked against me I won’t be surprised Best be believin' Verse 2: Waiting in line at the grocery store There’s something I’d rather be doing Half of what I buy I dont need anyway Just another distraction Bridge: Lifetimes wasted in cyber-space No touch no feel no smell no taste Lose myself without a trace Don't forget the human race Chorus
I'm Yours 04:58
When I’m lyin’ there with tears in my eyes You smile and hold me it’s your smile that beguiles me. Your smile is my smile But it’s your heart does undress me in the dark we meet and that spark of confessin’ That’s the light that led us here. Chorus: ‘Cause I’m yours, I’m yours. You’re my soul-singin’ mama And you’re my mandolin maestro. I’m yours, I’m yours. I’m yours. In the heart of the night by the light of a street lamp the pages turn back and we read all the ages. Soft music we’re playin’ confessin’ and breakin’ Again —— —— and again. We’re holding us close, as the vines entwining our hearts —— —— no longer apart. In the dark … in the dark.
Early. My head too many miles away. Saving space for the feet — of a quiet day. It’s so dark, it’s so dark — know that you could bring the light of day. We could start, we could start — a new thing, then I’d be okay. Oh, I’d be ok. Oh, I’d be okay Trouble. Some days it won’t let me through. I look at page after page — after something new. Losing heart, losing heart — losing hope – of finding you. When we’re apart, we’re apart — oh, I’m missing you. Oh, I’m missing you. Oh, I’m missing you. Longing. Spent too long waitin’ for the end. We slept year after year — while our love grew thin. I can’t wait, I can’t wait — to feel your love again. It’s just fate, it’s just fate — findin’ the arms of a friend. Oh, it’s a hell of a thing — findin’ the arms of a friend. Oh, I’m longing, I’m longing, I’m longing… yes, I’m waitin’, Yes, I’m waitin’. Waitin’ for the end … waiting for the end. We slept year after year after year. Oh, I’m waiting… … Oh, it’s a hell of a thing … findin’ the arms of a friend. Findin’ the arms of a friend … Findin’ the arms of a friend.
Reaper's Rag 01:56
Lost 03:42
Lost. Beauty, I'm lost. Black is the color of this hour I'm lost. Blue. Deep as the sea. Heavy the air, that covers me. I'm lost. Broke Broke on this shore. Embracing the one, who's broken me. I'm lost. It's lost - this heart Enclosed - inside. Breathe in - stolen kisses When all you - you've given me is lost.
Love, out of nowhere Making me dream Of better things to come My heart on the shore Wanting for more Waiting for your answer One day you're here And the next you're gone I'm toein' the line It's your to give Not mine to own So babe, Oh babe, Take your time Love out of nowhere Making me dream Of better things to come Love, giving and kind Your heart and mine Take your time


released August 1, 2019


all rights reserved



Plum Nelly Twentynine Palms, California

Plum Nelly is real folksy, bluesy gypsy jazzy with a pinch of soul and an Americana twist. This creative duo features Wendy Hunt on vocals and guitar, and Mike Proud on vocals, mandolin and guitar playing original songs as well as jazz and blues favorites. ... more

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